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October: Underdogs
💙 Hardback copy of Nyxia by @reintgen
💙 Exclusive Strange the Dreamer notebook with design by @dorothyreads
💙 Exclusive Wylan print designed by @taratjah
💙 Jane Eyre bath salts by @thesoaplibrarian
💙 Exclusive Neville candle by @Liber_deStella
💙 Stranger Things bookmark by @studioadorkable
💙 Losers Club pin (from It) made by @_gogoghost
Photo by @rheyareads
September: Queens Good and Evil
👑 Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust
👑 Exclusive Queen Levana Candle by @flickthewick
👑 Custom Queen of Hearts Cookie by @sweetbaketique
👑 Exclusive Heartless Tote Bag by @eviebookish
👑 Exclusive Elsa Quote Card by @littleinklingsdesign
👑 Custom Aelin Quote Sticker
Photo by @alifetimeofpages
Rattle the Stars (Limited Edition One Time Box)
🌟 Tower of Dawn by @therealsjmaas
🌟 Celaena and Nehemia tote bag with exclusive design by @nerdygrldesigns
🌟 Custom Manon and Abraxos print designed by @taratjah
🌟 Exclusive Aelin quote coaster by @drawntothepages
🌟 Library of Orynth candle custom made by @novellyyours
🌟 Exclusive Chaol bookmark created by @louisesmakebelieve
🌟 Aelin and Rowan linen spray duo set custom made by @literaryapothecaryshop
🌟 Exclusive Rattle the Stars vinyl sticker
Photo by @myfriendsarefiction
August: Fantasy Kingdoms
🏰 Shimmer and Burn by @marytaranta
🏰 Exclusive Arwen of Rivendale lip scrub by @literaryapothecaryshop
🏰 Map of Westeros from Game of Thrones by @janestinythings
🏰 Exclusive Prythian map necklace by Just 1 More Chapter
🏰' Custom Alicante 2017 sunglasses by Glitter on Saturday
🏰 Narnia bookmark made by @bookandart
🏰' 'A Darker Shade of Magic' candle created by @merakicandles and @liber_destella - one for each of the four Londons!
Photo by @myliteraryaffair
July: Something Wicked This Way Comes
🎩 Daughter of the Burning City by @amandafoody
🎩 Daughter of the Burning City poster
🎩 Exclusive Night Circus tea blend by @riddlesteashoppe
🎩 Gomorrah candle custom made by @mugglelibrarycandles
🎩 Caramel popcorn by @kernelencore
🎩 Custom 'Something Wicked' Shakespeare quote print @dorothyreads
🎩 Exclusive Caraval quote tote bag designed by @missphi
🎩 Menagerie bookmark custom by @dreamyandco
Photo by @readerrewind
June: Magic & Misfits
⚡️ Royal Bastards written by Andrew Shvarts
⚡️ Exclusive 'I Believe In Unicorns' cotton candy scented candle made by @nerdwickscandles
⚡️ 'Mischief Managed' coaster by @waywardapplegifts
⚡️ One of six different Six of Crows magnetic bookmarks made by @janestinythings
⚡️ 'This Is A Magic Wand' pencil made by @thecarboncrusader
⚡️ Roald Dahl quote card by @catherines_cards
⚡️ Dragon scale bobby pins by Lexi's Dollhouse
Photo by @darkfaerietales_
May: Fight Like A Girl
⚔️ Flame In the Mist by @reneeahdieh
⚔️ Custom 'Wing Leader' candle made for Whimsify by @happypiranha
⚔️ Exclusive 'Some Rest For the Wraith' bath salts made by @teasoapbooks
⚔️ Mockingjay bottle cap magnetmade by @ohanacentral
⚔️ Lightning bolt wish bracelet created by @hoomedesigns
⚔️ Mulan stickers made by @littlesurpriseshop
⚔️ Exclusive Nevernight quote bookmark made by @thebookishshop
Photo by @My Friends Are Fiction
April: More Than Machine
🤖 Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray
🤖 4oz. 'Merciful' AIDEN candle made by @novellyyours 
🤖 Iko magnet bookmark made exclusively for this box by @kaelispaperie 
🤖 Exclusive Cinder lip balm made by @koolandco 
🤖 TARDIS lip balm holder keychain made by @ellyanna
🤖 BB-8 fizzy bath bomb in raspberry vanilla created by @wizardatwork 
🤖 Exclusive bookmark with Defy the Stars quote created by @littleinklingsdesign
March: Smart Girls In Charge (Promo Box)
💫Long May She Reign by @rhiannon.kt
💫Belle Funko by @originalfunko
💫Rory Gilmore Bookmark by @kaelispaperie
💫Stalking Jack the Ripper Inspired Sticker by @phantomrin
💫Cress Candle by @fragrancedfandoms
💫Hermione Lip Balm by @bookishbalms
💫It's LeviOsa Pouch, Not Leviosa by @itallstartswithawish_etsy
Photo cred @bookiemoji