• WHAT IS WHIMSIFY? Whimsify is a monthly subscription box for readers who love young adult fantasy and sci-fi books. Each themed, monthly box includes a recently released young adult fantasy or sci-fi book, along with several bookish items! 
  • HOW DO YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS WORK? When you subscribe to Whimsify, you receive a box every month. Boxes are usually shipped around the 20th of the month, year round. 
  • WHAT IS A GIFT PURCHASE? If you'd like to purchase a single box for a friend or family member as a gift you can do so by clicking on the "Gift" page. This will be a single box and will not be an ongoing subscription unless that person decides to sign up for one.
  • I AM A SUBSCRIBER. CAN I SKIP A MONTH? No, sorry. But you can cancel your membership anytime and restart it again anytime as well. 
  • I SUBSCRIBED THIS MONTH. WILL I GET THIS MONTH'S BOX? You will receive next month's box. The cutoff day is the last day of the month before. If you subscribe (or order a gift box) on the first of the month or after, you will receive the following month's box. Example: You subscribe to Whimsify on April 14th. You will receive May's box, which will ship out around May 20th.
  • WHAT IS A THEME? Good question! The themes of our boxes relate directly to the books we feature. After reading the book, we choose a theme that fits that book. Themes might be based on the characters, the sub-genre, the book's message, etc. Then we search high and low for some amazing, high quality items that all go with that theme. 
  • WHAT AGES IS WHIMSIFY SUITABLE FOR? The books in our boxes are young adult and are typically suitable for readers ages 14 to 114! 
  • WHAT WILL COME IN THE BOX? Each box will include one brand new, recently released YA book in the genre of fantasy/sci-fi that we've read ourselves and know you'll love! You will also find several handpicked, book related items that we've procured for you from other book lovers - even many small businesses and Etsy stores!


  • HOW MUCH DOES WHIMSIFY COST? Whimsify offers three subscription plans for you to choose from: billed monthly at $34.95 each month, billed every 3 months at $101.85, or billed once every 6 months for $197.70.
  • WHEN WILL THE PAYMENT BE DEDUCTED FROM MY ACCOUNT? Accounts are billed on the first day of the month. If you have our 1 Month At A Time plan your account is billed each month. If you have our 3 Month Prepay plan your account is billed every three months. If you have our 6 Month Prepay plan your account is billed every 6 months. 
  • CAN I CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION? You can cancel your subscription any time. If you are on the monthly plan your subscription will terminate immediately, although if you've recently been charged for that month's box you will still receive that box in the mail. If you are on the 3 month or 6 month plan you can also cancel your subscription at any time as well. You will still receive whatever boxes you are still owed for the months left in your subscription and your subscription will not renew.
  • CAN I PURCHASE A SINGLE BOX? You can purchase a Gift box for a friend or family member or one of our Past Boxes. Neither is a renewing subscription. 
  • WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT? We currently accept all major credit cards.


  • DOES WHIMSIFY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY? Yes! We ship to the United States, Canada, and almost all other countries worldwide! 
  • HOW MUCH DOES SHIPPING COST? Shipping is calculated based on your location. You can see your shipping cost as you go through the Check Out process. 
  • WHEN ARE THE BOXES SHIPPED? Boxes are shipped between the 15th and the 20th of each month.
  • IS THE SHIPPING TRACKED? Yes! As soon as we ship your box you will receive an email with a tracking number so you'll know just when your box will arrive.
  • WHEN WILL MY BOX ARRIVE? We ship priority mail so you should receive your box a few days after we ship it! You will be able to track your box with a tracking number that we will email to you. 


  • I AM SUBSCRIBED, CAN I CHANGE MY DELIVERY ADDRESS? Of course! You can change your shipping information at any time through your account at our website. If you are on our monthly plan, please be sure you update your shipping information before the 1st of the month in order to avoid any shipping errors. When subscriptions renew on the 1st of the month, they renew with the address on your account at the time of renewal. *If you have a 3 month or 6 month prepaid subscription, updating your address in your account will not update it for shipping until your subscription plan renews. If you will be receiving any boxes before then, you must email us at support@whimsifybox.com so that we can change the address for any boxes still left in your current subscription plan.


  • CAN I RETURN OR EXCHANGE THE BOX I RECEIVED? No, sorry. We do not accept returns or exchanges on our boxes. 
  • ONE OF THE ITEMS IN MY BOX WAS MISSING, WHAT DO I DO? Please let us know right away at support@whimsifybox.com. 
  • ONE OF THE ITEMS IN MY BOX WAS BROKEN/DAMAGED, WHAT DO I DO? Please let us know right away at support@whimsifybox.com.
  • CAN I CANCEL A PURCHASE? If you have a subscription you can cancel anytime. Please see more information about this policy above under "Billing, Cost, Payment, Pricing". We do not offer refunds on our boxes or our subscriptions.


  • I WANT TO REVIEW YOUR BOX ON MY BLOG/YOUTUBE/INSTAGRAM. CAN YOU SEND ME ONE FOR FREE? We're so excited that you are interested in reviewing Whimsify! We do work with bloggers, Youtubers, and Instagrammers as reviewers and representatives. Please feel free to email us at support@whimsifybox.com with some information about your blog, channel, or Instagram account. And follow us on social media for information about our rep searches!
  • I CREATE ITEMS THAT I THINK WOULD BE A GREAT FIT FOR YOUR BOX, HOW DO I GET MY ITEMS INCLUDED? We are always looking for new vendors for our boxes! Please email us at support@whimsifybox.com with some more information about your items and please include a link to a website, online store, or social media so we can check out your items as well. 
  • I AM AN AUTHOR, HOW DO I GET MY BOOK FEATURED IN YOUR BOX? Please email us at support@whimsifybox.com if you are interested in sending us a review copy of your book for consideration. If we are unable to feature your book, we may still be able to include inserts for your book in a future box.